New York City Environmental Fund Past Grants

2008 NYCEF Grants
Organization Project Description Amount
Bissel Gardens The 2009 Bissel Gardens Butterfly Habitat Give-Away will provide free native, flowering and fruiting plants to community gardens, schoolyards, greenroofs and open spaces to increase wildlife habitat in NYC. The project employs local gardeners, trains teenagers, and incorporates newly skilled workers in a Green Job Corps databank. $7,000
Bronx River Alliance, Inc. Stormwater Infrastructure Matters on the Bronx River will provide staffing and coordination of S.W.I.M., a citywide coalition of groups dedicated to advancing water quality policies in New York City that require or incentivize retrofit projects that absorb stormwater before it reaches the sewer system. $15,000
Friends of High School for Environmental Studies The formation of the Secondary Environmental Education Collaborative-NYC Affinity Group as a network of NYC’s environmentally themed high schools and academies will facilitate a community of practitioners to share “best practice” curricula and programs and develop resources for member schools. $5,000
N. Brooklyn Compost Project The Street Tree Stormwater Retrofit, will focus on an existing street tree planting area in Brooklyn. The project will incorporate curb cuts “upstream” and “downstream” from existing trees to enable stormwater to irrigate tree pits and prevent standing water from accumulating. The project will reduce stormwater runoff that contributes to combined sewer overflow, increase habitat value by interplanting native vegetation among the trees and will serve as a pilot project for materials, monitoring and maintenance. $15,000
Rockaway Waterfront Alliance The Environmentor After School Curriculum will invite representatives from government agencies and non- profit groups to offer sessions to 25 youngsters from Kappa VI and NYCHA Ocean Bay Community Center as part of a study of the natural Rockaway shoreline and Jamaica Bay. Middle school students will learn to identify wildlife, conduct oyster gardening, test water quality and plant native species. $15,000
Torrey Botanical Society The second annual New York City Wildflower Week will include free celebratory walks, talks, plantings and activities in every borough from May 2-9, 2009 to inspire environmental learning about the native flowers, trees, shrubs and grasses of New York City and promote conservation efforts. $8,000
Urban Park Rangers The DEC Camp Diversity Program prepares urban children for a free one-week stay at a DEC-run environmental education camp upstate by providing pre and post camp experiences including fishing, hiking, overnight camping and nature studies. The program teaches outdoor skills, exposes participants to topics they’ll likely encounter at camp, and encourages them to form a bond with other youth who will be going to camp. The program also covers the cost of transporting NYC participants to and from DEC run camps. $50,000

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