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Newtown Creek Fund Grants
Organization Grant Amount Project Title and Description
Brooklyn Botanic Garden $25,000 A Model School Garden for the Newtown Creek Community
A collaboration between the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s horticulture and education programs and P.S. 34 in Greenpoint, providing the school with the tools and resources needed to create and maintain plants in the schoolyard and classrooms in ways that support teaching and learning.
Brooklyn Greenway Initiative $25,000 Brooklyn East River Watershed Design Criteria for Green Infrastructure
A project to engage NYCDEP in designs for West Street that would remove nearly all storm water generated there from the combined sewer system. By leveraging NYCEF Newtown Creek Funds, BGI has secured $200K from New York State to advance green infrastructure design throughout the Greenway.
The Center for Urban Pedagogy $10,000 The Newtown Lowdown: CSOs and the Creek
Production and distribution of a short online animation--H2 Oh No!--about Combined Sewer Outflows and their effects on Newtown Creek and other urban waterways, to accompany the educational kit, Sewer in a Suitcase. The grant has also supported teacher training at Newtown Creek Visitors Center.
Green Shores NYC $23,000 Bridging the Creek
Bridging and fostering dialogue, collaboration and environmental stewardship for Newtown Creek and its shorelines among the neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn adjacent to its banks, with a celebratory community event planned for the Pulaski Bridge bridging both sides of the creek.
Greenpoint Waterfront Association $25,000 Update and maintain GWAPP website
Redesigning and restructuring GWAPP's website to include waterfront maps, a blog, a calendar and interactive tools to encourage community involvement, thereby providing residents and businesses with access to up-to-date information on waterfront and land use issues in Greenpoint and Williamsburg.
Grow NYC $14,100 Discovering NYC Watersheds: Newtown Creek
Integration of a seven-session watershed curriculum into high school science classes at Francis Perkins Academy and fifth grade classes at P.S. 31, bringing Earth Science concepts to life as youth mulch trees and plant vegetation to prevent storm water runoff from entering the estuary.
HabitatMap, Inc. $25,000 HabitatMapping: Teaching Maps-Based Research Methods on Newtown Creek
Examination of water systems by Green School students geographically tracing the material flows and institutional networks that connect these facilities to the larger world and documenting their findings through HabitatMap’s community mapping platform. The resulting maps-based research toolkit, Go with the Flow, can be used by other high schools.
Horticultural Society of New York $20,000 Putting Green back into Greenpoint Library
Designing and installing an outdoor reading garden, conducting workshops for children and students in English for Speakers of Other Languages Programs and enhancing the gardening book collection. The Society has made library grounds welcoming and beautiful, while improving air quality, maximizing heat island reduction and reducing storm water.
The Human Impacts Institute $7,500 Greening Greenpoint Pollution Reduction, Education, and Stewardship Project
Engagement of Greenpoint youth groups and students in Growing Our Roots, One Drop Day and Eco-preneurs, programs designed to raise environmental awareness in the Newtown Creek corridor as the participants practice street tree care, develop creative water-themed installations and conduct outreach to local businesses to ensure responsible disposal of cooking oil.
Institute for Applied Reporting and Urbanism $3,500 Consensus-Building Public Space Projects in the Newtown Creek Watershed
Leveraging the capacity of large scale public art to activate use of underutilized waterfront adjacent property, and to build community connectivity by collecting and sharing information on current and future uses of the East River waterfront and Newtown Creek.
Interstate Environmental Commission $24,750 Newtown Creek Community Education and Involvement Initiative: Stormwater Monitoring and Modeling
A joint undertaking between the Interstate Environmental Commission and the Center for Environmental Studies at the College of Staten Island to conduct monitoring surveys in wet and dry weather conditions in order to evaluate Newtown Creek’s water quality and assess storm water impacts. The project involves the community through collaborations with the S.W.I.M. Coalition and Newtown Creek Alliance.
LaGuardia Community College $10,000 North Brooklyn Boat Club Ecology Center - the Edshed
Planning and construction of the EDshed (by a collaboration of North Brooklyn Boat Club (NBBC) volunteers, local businesses and students of La Guardia Community College) in a shipping container at 49 Ashby Street, Brooklyn. The EDshed is a citizen science station designed to introduce local high school students, after-school programs, and the general public to the ecology of the Hudson Estuary at Newtown Creek.
Long Island City Community Boathouse $25,000 Beyond the Ad hoc Dock
Increasing the capacity of the Long Island City Community Boathouse to offer public paddling and rowing programs at Anable Basin, north of Newtown Creek, by extending an existing dock and launch facility--installing a hanging pier, one of two proposed platforms, electricity, and an accessible ramp from shore to dock.
Long Island City Roots $18,000 LIC Roots / Dutch Kills Basin Environmental Clubs
Coordination of the environmental stewardship activities of students and teachers from high schools in and around the Long Island City Roots Garden to enable teens to gain knowledge, educate their peers, plan program events, and participate in community service and environmentally beneficial activities.
Neighbors Allied for Good Growth $12,000 NAG's Newtown Creek Tours and Educational Program
Promotion and expansion of NAG's tour program to inform the public about the environmental and industrial history of Newtown Creek and current cleanup and redevelopment plans underway, Implementation includes family-friendly bike tours, community organizing, and walking tours for local school groups.
Newtown Creek Alliance $35,000 Newtown Creek Community Involvement and Education Project
Comprehensive community outreach to engage new constituents, organize educators, convene task forces, recruit volunteers, and educate and unify entities along the Creek to use strong yet coordinated voices to effect positive change, as government planning processes relating to remediation actions and the distribution of community benefits funds progress.
Newtown Creek Alliance $10,000 Newtown Creek Alliance Interactive Communication Initiative
A project to inform schools, civic leaders, residents and businesses--through interactive web-based platforms, social media, training, and outreach--about Newtown Creek’s history, its role in the city’s economy and infrastructure, its environmental contamination and returning wildlife, and the efforts underway to remediate and restore the Creek’s ecosystem functions.
North Brooklyn Boat Club $19,610 Seed Projects
Establishment of Newtown Creek's first community boathouse as a resource for equipment, support and advocacy for the Greenpoint/Williamsburg community, publicizing opportunities for local boating and training, certifying volunteers, purchasing boats and safety equipment, and hosting outings on the water.
North Brooklyn Development Corporation $7,500 Greenpoint Environmental Conservation and Stewardship Program
The North Brooklyn Development Corporation’s four-week Environmental Conservation and Stewardship Program, including weekly field trips to environmental education sites along Newtown Creek, the East River, throughout the city and region for 75 K-5th grade children participating in the agency’s 2011 Summer Camp.
North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition $5,000 Newtown Creek Armada
The Newtown Creek Armada drew visitors to the Nature Walk to pilot artist-made, remote-controlled toy boats, outfitted with underwater video cameras, thus creating an archive of footage recorded under the creek’s surface. Constructed from flotsam and jetsam, the Armada referenced the Creek’s industrial past and future restoration.
Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn $25,000 Community Stewardship for Newtown Creek Nature Walk
Recruitment and engagement of volunteers, the neighborhood and school groups, as well as the general public to learn, under the guidance of a horticulturalist, about the environmental benefits of native plants at the Newtown Creek Nature Walk and how to tend native flora.
Public School 31 $20,000 Environmental Education in the Urban Landscape
Education of 100 second graders, led by the school’s science enrichment teacher, about the natural world in the context of city life and sustainability through weekly activities focused on tree care, composting, growing food, rain water harvesting, data collection, beekeeping, and the environmental benefits of green roofs.
Recycle A Bicycle, Inc. $18,000 Recycling Bikes and Exploring Shorelines
The establishment, in cooperation with the Automotive High School, of a bike repair center at the school and the involvement of the school bike club in learning about Newtown Creek, alternative transportation, greenways, safe cycling and recycling. The grant also supports this group's collaboration with Green Shores NYC.
SWIM Coalition $15,000 Combined Sewer Outfall (CSO) Public Notification Pilot
Development of weather stations on library roofs near Combined Sewer Outfalls (CSO) on Newtown Creek, in collaboration with the Newtown Creek Alliance, for a public notification strategy to alert those who work, recreate and study near the Creek about CSO activity, under any weather conditions, so that waterfront users can plan their activities accordingly.
Trees New York $20,000 GreenpoinTrees: Tree Stewardship Workshops
Hands-on stewardship activities and environmental education in collaboration with local organizations, to establish an active, trained volunteer base of adults and youth to advocate for neighborhood environmental resources and steward the three hundred street trees planted in Greenpoint since 2007.
Trout Unlimited $25,000 Trout in the Classroom: From Watershed Peak to Newtown Creek
Project for Long Island City and Greenpoint students to raise trout in their classrooms, comparing New York City watersheds to the urban environment of Newtown Creek, studying the factors that shaped these environments, participating in hands-on hydrology, collecting and sharing environmental data, and determining healthy trout release locations within City Watershed streams.
Voices of the Community $25,000 Voices of the Community, a documentary film
Production of a documentary film that features North Brooklyn’s community-based advocacy and stewardship groups that promote access to and the health of Newtown Creek and the Waterfront. When completed, the film will be screened in classrooms and for community groups to promote involvement in local environmental initiatives.
Wildlife Conservation Society $24,972 My Good Home (Welikia) on Newtown Creek
Engagement of communities lining Newtown Creek through in-depth investigations of the historical ecology of the Newtown Creek watershed in order to motivate, inform and encourage conservation and restoration. The project has applied techniques developed through the Mannahatta Project to create detailed descriptions of the historical geography and ecology of the Newtown Creek watershed.
Working Harbor Committee $15,000 Hidden Harbor Educational Tours of Newtown Creek
Four Newtown Creek narrated boat tours, for up to 60 attendees each, provided by the Working Harbor Committee, in partnership with the Newtown Creek Alliance. The trips included free-of-cost tours for educators from schools near the Creek, a tour for elected officials and agency leaders, and two subsidized, affordable boat rides for individual community residents and community groups.
Woven Spaces, Inc. $5,000 Environmental Components of the Greenpoint Film Festival
Support for environmental film screening at the 2012 Greenpoint Film Festival, including Jessica Yu's Last Call at the Oasis, David Leaner's Newtown Creek Digester Eggs: The Art of Human Waste, Sarah Choy's directorial debut, Newtown, and films from the Center for Urban Pedagogy, including The Water Underground and the animated short, H2 Oh No!